Various benefits inaccommodation on Korea Sale FESTA~!


In Korea, now we are ready to welcome the fertileautumn.

Do you have a plan for up-coming Korea Sale FESTA?

If you do not have any reservation, how about usingvarious benefits from cool hotels for Korea Sale FESTA?


1) Silla-stay

Selected premium bedding and upgraded room with luxury amenities! Whocould deny these perfect place? For Korea Sale FESTA, Silla-stay will providemax. 40~70% off of normal room rates and free room upgrade. However, this is valid onreservation only. Please do not forget it~!

(Only in 7 branches (Dongtan, Yeonksam,Seodaemun, Ulsan, Mapoe, Gwanghwamun, Guro))



2) Grand Hilton Seoul


Grand Hilton Seoul is the Five-star tourist hotel located inSeodaemun-gu, surrounding mountains with full of nature. For Korea Grand Hilton Hotel,it will provide 1+1 Deluxe room (50% off on 2 nights) with free utilization ofswimming pool and health club, and 50% off on Sauna. Also they offer free shuttlebuses at Hongik Univ. station and Itaewon every day. This is the icing on the cake fortourists!



3) Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam


Gangnam is one of the most famous place to tourists visiting Korea. Withthat strong point, convenient accessibility, Novotel Ambassador Seoul willprovide max 30% off event for reservation through their homepage. They alsooffer free breakfast on 2 nights. If you have a plan to stay in Gangnam, the hotplace, how about one night in Novotel Ambassador Seoul?


4) Urban Place Hotel


UrbanPlace, residence hotel of Gangnam, is located in Gangnam station, where isconvenience to get a transportation. This hotel will offer 59% off with noqualification for Korea Sale FESTA.

You can choose both of standard double andstandard twin. Please enjoy your sensible tour using cheap rooms.



5) The K-Hotel Gyeonju


The K-hotel Gyeongju with splendid scenery and comfortable environment~!

We recommend The K-hotel Gyeongju confidently to you, who especially wantto take a rest, traveling beautiful and famous tourist sights such as cultural historicsight. The K-hotel offers 50% off on weekdays and 40% off on weekend. You mustcatch this chance!But this chance for only Korea Sale FESTA total coupon holders. Are you ready todownload total coupon?



In addition, there are not only hotels butalso various guest houses and other accommodations.

The others will be open on column vol. 2~Please wait for our notice!