Korea Grand Sale, the shopping tourism festival for foreign tourists

- Special offers from various participating companies, airlines, hotels, duty-free shops, department stores, theme parks, etc.

- Aims to increase consumer benefits with various events 

 Visit Korea committee holds a shopping tourism festival for foreign tourists, ‘Korea Grand Sale’, from Jan 20th to Feb 28th in order to increase in consumer spending and foreign tourists visiting Korea.


  Since 2011, the festival has became a major tourism festival combining shopping, tourism, and Korean Wave giving the winter off season a new turn. The festival will be held in a regular basis as the Korea Grand Sale in February and the Korea Sale FESTA in October to provide consumer benefits for foreigners. Participating ski resorts in Gangwon will provide special discount as much as 50% to tickets for ski lifts and sightseeing gondolas and many other special offers. Also, at the Korea Grand Sale event center, which will be installed in Dongdaemun, Seoul, will give special opportunity to experience winter sports using virtual reality contents. It will also be associate with ‘2017~2018 Gangwon Visit Year’ declared last December 21st to promote foreigners to visit Gangwon providence.

 The festival will offer foreign tourists with various benefits in areas of shopping, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, beauty/health, food & beverage and more. The Jeju airlines will provide discount as much as 91% compared to regular price. The Jin airlines will also plan to offer discounted price as much as 80%. The Shilla Stay offers accomodations reduced as much as 50% and complimentary upgrades by first come first serve basis. The Grand Embassador Seoul plans to provide discount as much as 55% to accomodations. The N Seoul Tower will provide 30% off tickets as well as 10% off beverages. For cosmetics, The Face Shop holds buy one get one promotion for popular items and the All Mask Story will provide as much as 80% discount in all items. The Galleria Duty-free offers at much as 50% discount along with free gifts by brands. The Doota Duty-free shop will offer as much as 30% discount and 5% more at night time (PM09:00~AM00:00). The Lotte Hi-Mart will give as much as 30% discount to popular electric rice cooker, 45% to all kitchen electric appliances and 20% to computers and laptops. The Shinsaegae department store will provide as much as 30% discount with welcome gifts and the Hyundai I-Park mall hold lottery event to give out total 3 round-trip plane ticket to foreign visitors.

 Also, Special Theme Week will be held at event center to welcome foreign visitors in front of the Doota Mall in Dongdaemun with various subjects as Must-Buy Week, Must-See Week, Must-Do Week and Must-Eat Week. First, at the Must-Buy Week(1.20~1.31), the foreigners will be provided with free cosmetics and ginseng products showing the shopping receipts at the event center according the total purchase amount. At Must-See Week(2.1~2.7), various shows including the popular non-verbal performance and traditional music concerts and shows. At following Must-Do Week(2.8~2.21) will provide special event using virtual reality contents to experience the winter sports such as ski and bobsleigh. At final Must-Eat Week(2.22~2.28), the 30 special recipes developed by famous chefs, Edward Kwon, Hyun-seok Choi and Sujin Kim will be introduced and the free-sample stand of popular korean foods will be prepared.

 Two event centers will be installed at Myeongdong and Dongdaemun to promote the festival providing informations and services. At Myeongdong, along with Chinese New Year holidays from Jan 20th to 31st, the event center will be stationed in front of the Lotte department store providing informations and free-gifts. Throughout the festival period, the event center at Dongdaemun will provide translations, tourism informations, free internet/wifi, phone charging services. Also, the ‘Korea Tour Card’ which have received fervent response among foreigners at last pre-promotion in October will be initialized. Moreover, ‘Hands Free Service’ to provide luggage delivery and storage service among department stores, hotels, airports and other major places in Seoul will be offered with at much as 50% discount allowing foreign visitors to enjoy shopping without luggages.