The offline event in Dongdaemun Event Center 

This is Korea Grand Sale Operations Office!

The Korea Grand Sale Dongdaemun Event Center has various event programs!
Today, we will introduce you to the regular event program, which will be available from January 20th to February 28th, for a total of 40 days.

[Lucky Number Event]
The 100th, 200th, and 300th visitors will receive a special present in Lucky Number event!
It's really nice to have an unexpected gift at unexpected moments :)
Right now, visit the event center!
You can be the hero…!

[Winter Sports Virtual Reality Experience Event]
The most popular program at the Dongdaemun Event Center is a winter sports virtual reality experience event.
Virtual Reality (VR) is a system that uses special glasses to make it look real but not real.
Literally, it is experiencing a world that is not reality through special glasses.
At Dongdaemun Event Center, virtual reality is utilized to run winter sports events such as skiing and bobsleigh.
Many foreign tourists participated in the event and felt special fun!

[Prizewinning Event]
In Korea, claw machine games are popular these days.
In Korea Grand Sale, we are in the process of making a special event to draw various prizes instead of dolls.
It is a very popular event which foreign tourists can participate in just after completing a simple survey.
From mask pack sheets to red ginseng, concert tickets, cosmetic sets ... !
What kind of prizes do you want to win? :)

[Find the Lucky Key]
What is the most expensive prize at Dongdaemun Event Center?
That is the golden key!
It is an event that all foreign tourists who have brought the receipt of over 100,000 won can participate in.
You can choose one from a bunch of keys and open the lock to have the golden key.
Of the 50 keys, the real golden key is only one!
Who will be the owner of the golden key?

Korea Grand Sale,
It's not over yet!
Visit the event center and get various benefits :)