Korea Grand Sale Dongdaemun Event Center Special Theme Week

This is Korea Grand Sale Operations Office!
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Time passes in the blink of an eye, and it is closing at the end of the event.
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Today, I will introduce you to a special program that will add to the enjoyment of the Korea Grand Sale.
During the Korea Grand Sale period, we run Special Theme Week for foreigners to experience various cultures of Korea.
Special Theme Week begins with Must-Buy Week and also consists of Must-See Week, Must-Do Week, and Must-Eat Week. There are 4 categories.
Each week, we have a variety of event programs to suit each theme!
Now, let's go to the exciting scene, huh? Let's Go!

[Must-Buy Week: Sweepstakes Event by the Purchase Amount on the Receipt]

- During MUST-BUY WEEK, we organized an event that offered a variety of prizes to tourists who shopped.
Enjoying shopping and visiting the event center with a receipt, various prizes were offered depending on the purchase amount.
Beauty products, such as mask pack sheets and cosmetics sets, and a variety of prizes, such as performance tickets, attracted a great deal of popularity among foreign tourists.

[Must-See Week: K-POP Cover Dance and Joseon Dynasty Madanggeuk]

- The Second Special Theme Week is MUST-SEE WEEK with many performance programs.
During MUST-SEE WEEK, many foreigners’ eyes have been caught by the cover dancing performance,
where the representative K-POP Dance choreography can be seen,
and Joseon Dynasty Madanggeuk which recast the Korean traditional story of Shimcheong!

[Must-Do Week: Experience of traditional folk play]

- The third special theme week is MUST-DO WEEK!
During MUST-DO WEEK, there are a variety of activities.
Among them, the most popular program is the traditional folk play experience event!

The first program is 'Tuho'.
It is a game in which a person throws an arrow at a certain distance, and puts a larger number of arrows into a pot.
It is said that Tuho was a play enjoyed by noblemen in the past. However, today, everyone enjoys it everywhere!

The second program is the ‘jegichagi’.
It is a game in which you win by using your feet, and the person who stays for long without falling on the ground.
This is one of the most popular traditional games in Korea.
Visit the Korea Grand Sale Dongdaemun Event Center, experience traditional folk games and get various prizes!

In addition to shopping discounts, Korea Grand Sale has a diverse range of places to buy, sights, and entertainment.
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